2007-2008 Audio of Symposium/talks


Carmen Urbina, (above right) Parent, Family, and Community Coordinator of the Eugene School District 4J, and Past Chair of the Eugene Human Rights Commission.  “How Can We Make Eugene a ‘Human Rights City’?” (Talk given at Human Rights City Symposium presented November 9, 2007)


Chivy Sok, (second from right), Co-Director of Women’s Institute for Leadership Development for Human Rights, San Francisco.  Topic:  “Implementing International Human Rights at the State and Local Levels:  Progress to Date.” (Talk given November 9, 2007)


Audio-Bringing Human Rights Home to the City  Of Eugene, Delivered to Eugene City Club November 16, 2007

Greg Rikhoff addressing the City Club of Eugene, November 2007

(From KLCC radio archive description of above talk)..This presentation will describe the Commission's Human Rights City project, address how use of a human rights framework can be helpful in building problem-solving partnerships between the City and the community, give examples of efforts to implement human rights at the local level that are currently underway in other cities, and point to benefits to be realized in Eugene from implementing international human rights at the local level.

Ken Neubeck is Co-Chair of the Human Rights City Project Subcommittee of the Eugene Human Rights Commission. Greg Rikhoff is now Director of Community Relations for the University of Oregon.He served as Human Rights Program Manager for the City of Eugene from 1988-2007.

Ken Neubeck, above left, and Greg Rikhoff, right          .



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Audio of Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy declaring her intention to work to make Eugene a Human Rights City, during her State of the City Address, January 7, 2008 (2 minute excerpt).

An earlier event captured The Mayor of Eugene and the Duck Mascot, in the Human Rights office, showing that she is indeed, a Quacker -Backer...